Montessori Toddler Program

The Montessori Toddler Program is for children between the ages 18 months and 3 years. This is the period when children’s lives are the most formative such that they absorb impressions from all aspects of their surroundings. The Toddler Program is designed to provide the opportunity for children to foster the development of movement, independence, language and creativity in a prepared environment. The environment is intended to serve as a natural extension of the child’s home where the parents are the primary educators. With a focus on cultivating children’s ability to learn, the teachers work with each child based on individually defined expectations. The Program is designed to offer a consistent routine in a secure, orderly environment. The program focuses on the following areas:

Practical Life

The Practical Life exercises are self inviting, purposeful activities which are close to real life work. They not only give the child self-confidence, but also satisfy his or her sense of accomplishment. The cycle of activity is simple, clear and short. The results can be seen quickly. These exercises enable the children to develop independence, concentration and hand-eye coordination. Practical life materials are designed to fit in a toddler’s small hands and serve as an invitation to spoon, pour, dust, sweep, button and zipper.

Movement or Large Motor Area

assist in strengthening their bodies. Large motor activity stimulates muscles and develops strength and coordination. A combination of indoor and outdoor play areas are designed to offer opportunity for movement and to build large motor skills.


The sensorial material provides the child with opportunities to refine all the five senses. The activities involve specially designed materials that are age appropriate to refine the children’s senses and develop skills.


The Toddler Program focuses on the development, comprehension and use of the English language through verbal communication. The teachers guide the children in their conversations with others to develop and expand their language. There are many opportunities for children to socialize and develop their language skills by talking with other children .

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